An API to send iMessages

Get the advantage of sending iMessages and not just normal texts. Read receipts, embeddable videos, and more.


Why iMessages?

Read Receipts

Know if/when your messages are being read by your customers

Perfect Images & Videos

Send the highest quality images and videos. We never compress, letting you show products in rich detail.

Android Compatibility

Never worry about Android vs iPhone. We let you know what type of device your user owns.

How it works

Create an account

After creating an account, you'll be given an iMessage compatible phone number and full API access.

Integrate into your workflow

Make requests to our API to send iMessages (or texts from Android). Query our API for status and responses.

Engage with your customers

Use iMessage marketing material to engage with your customers. Try sending them congratulations!

Get Started


Twilio vs balto

Twilio is a leading SMS API company; however, they only support SMS/MMS texting. If you want to take advantage of iMessage features, balto is the best option for you

Apple Business Chat vs balto

balto is perfect for outbound customer support when you care about high touch
Apple Business Chat is a great product IF you only care about customer support; however, they hide the phone number and any other relevant user information.

What about Android support?

balto works with both services under the hood. We tell you when phone numbers are iMessage compatible, and if they're aren't we can send a different message, or send the same one! One easy API call

How many people really use iPhones?

Marketing companies we've worked with have an > 80% iPhone customer base. (Note: this has only been in the US so far)

Will you add support for other messaging clients (i.e. WhatsApp)?

We believe that the tech to connect with your customers should be as easy as possible, allowing you to focus on the material that truly matters.

Ready to get started?

POST --data "'text': 👋 Hi! I'm ready!'"

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  • Premium iMessage Features
  • 0.06c Android backup
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
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