Stay accountable with a daily phone call

No more apps, planners or gimmicks.

Get 10-min phone calls 1-5x a week from a trained coach to help you stay on track

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For Freelancers

Your Balto coach helps you organize your projects, helps you work on the most important thing, and holds you to a schedule

For Elite Performers

Your Balto Coach helps you level up your effectiveness through focus and prioritization.

For Procrastinators

Need forcing functions? Phone calls help you set deadlines to your coach and give you the right nudges to stay on track

For Goal Setters

Use Balto to meet your fitness, reading, sleep, relationship, etc. goals. Your coach personalizes the standup for you

You're In Good Company

Hear what others have to say

Honestly I thought calls would be dumb. But they make SUCH a big difference it's crazy. My coach is awesome and I don't want to let him down
George - Chronic Procrastinator
As a freelancer, my entire day is quite unscheduled and it's very easy for me to procrastinate. Having Balto call every morning helps to keep me accountable on what I said I would do and actually did.
Jessica - Freelancer
As a founder, I have a million things to keep track of. My Balto coach forces me to pick the most important one and make sure I actually do it.
Robert - Stealth Startup Founder

Teams have standup. Why don't you?

Our coaches ask and document questions and hold you accountable to the answer

"What will you do today?"
"You said you would do X yesterday. Did you finish?"
"Why do you think you fear doing XYZ task?"
"How has your mood & productivity changed with new lockdown?"

Real Life Human.
Real Life Phone Call

Studies show having 1:1 live check ins with a real person helps you stay accountable. No app or gimmick - just a real Balto Coach


Analytics that help you be your best

See how you're doing on your goals and daily tasks. See what keeps blocking you and create an action plan to fix it.

Analytics from calls
Incorporated with coach feedback

Simple, transparent pricing.

All plans include a 7-Day Free Trial
& a complimentary onboarding call


Just Getting Started

$15/ mo
  • Real Life Coach
  • Two 10-min phone call/week


Recommended to get the full expereince

$30/ mo
  • Real Life Coach
  • Three 10-min phone call/week
  • Weekends Available
  • Weekly Report


Take Full Charge

$45/ mo
  • Real Life Coach
  • Five 10-min phone calls/week
  • Weekends Available
  • Weekly Report